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8 ball pool (often spelled eight-ball or eight-ball, and every so often called solids and stripes, spots and stripes within the united kingdom[1] or, extra rarely, big and little’s/smalls, highs and lows, halves and wholes.) is a pool game famous in lots of the world, and the problem of global professional and novice competition. Played on a pool desk with six pockets. The game is so universally. Some international locations that novices are often unaware of other pool games and consider the phrase “pool” itself refers to 8-ball.

Online 8 Ball Pool Game Free Download

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The sport has numerous versions, frequently regional. Trendy 8-ball is the second one maximum aggressive expert pool sport, after 8 ball pool, and for the closing several decades in advance of hetero pool. Eight-ball is played with cue rod and 16 balls a cue ball, and 15 object balls consisting of seven striped balls, seven solid-colored balls and the black 8 ball.

Rules of 8 Ball Pool:

  •  Item of the sport Eight-ball is played with a cue ball and fifteen item balls, numbered 1 through 15. Balls 1–7 are stable coloring and commonly called “low balls”, and balls 9–15 are striped and usually called “excessive balls.” one player must pocket balls of solid coloration’s, even as the other player need to pocket the striped balls. The participant who wallet their entire group and then legally pockets the eight-ball wins the game.
  • LAG FOR BREAK Lag for damage the player with the bottom official upa velocity (score) shall smash first with an alternating ruin format taking region thereafter. Within the occasion that two gamer’s with equal speeds play, a “lag for wreck” shall determine who breaks first with an alternating break layout taking vicinity thereafter. Winner of lag is the participant whose ball is towards head of the rail.
    Ball pocketed on the damage
    4.1 sport win Legally pocketing the eight-ball at the spoil wins the sport for the breaker.
  • 4.2 sport loss

    The following situations bring about the lack of the sport for the breaker:
    • 8-ball is pocketed at the damage and another foul concurrently happens
    • 8-ball comes to rest off of the pool table

    Eight ball pool strategies:


  • Pick your tables accurately 
  • Open the app each day 
  • Purchase a higher cue 
  • Use a little English 
  • Shoot faster 
  • Expand your intention


  • Crimson item ball (or, uncommonly, blue; two object balls are used in some video games)

  • White cue ball for player 1.
  • White with a gap (or on occasion yellow) cue ball for participant 2.

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